Things To Do in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert Saskatchewan is the third-largest city in Saskatchewan. It is situated in the centre of Saskatchewan on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Prince Albert is the unofficial "Gateway to the North" because it is the last urban centre en route to northern Saskatchewan.  The city of Prince Albert is located in an ecological zone that encompasses aspen parkland and boreal forest biomes.

TIP: Get your free parking pass when you arrive in town!

Here is a list of 20 things to do during your stay in Prince Albert:

  1. Prince Albert National Park: located 51 km north of the city and contains lakes, forests, and wildlife.
  2. Diefenbaker House Museum: The house of the famous premier.
  3. Education Museum: FREE admission- visit an old one room schoolhouse of the past.
  4. The Historical Museum- The old city hall and firehouse houses artifacts.
  5. Rotary Museum of Police and Corrections- Built in 1888.  FREE
  6. Arts: ER Rawlinson Centre for the Arts-
  7. Ness Creek Music Festival: Get tickets early as this weekend festival usually sells out.
  8. Shellbrook Arts Tour- Celebrate local arts! Just east of Prince Albert.
  9. Serenity Bed and Breakfast &  Spa- Relax for a day or a night in this beautiful  historical home.
  10. Rockcees Night Club - Open from 11 a.m.-2 a.m. weekdays and 11 a.m.-3 a.m. weekends.
    1 - 2901 Second Ave. West,
    306- 763-5458
    No website
  11. Grainfields Family Restaurant-
  12. Johnny Boys-
  13. Antique Stores- there are several in Prince Albert
  14. Sports Hall of Fame
  15. Mann Art Gallery-
  16. Hicks Art Gallery-
  17. Canadian Tire Car Show - held every July.
  18. Shopping: Check out this website for a list of local shops:
  19. South Hill Mall-Located in the south end of the city.
  20. Great Western Coffee Company:  Relax with a cuppa joe after a hard day’s shopping and sightseeing!