Pisew Falls Provincial Park, Manitoba

Pisew Falls Provincial Park in Manitoba is located at the approximate mid-point between of Wabowden and Thompson Manitoba.

Pisew Falls

Located 700 km North of Winnipeg, Manitoba, 500 m from Highway 6, Pisew Falls is near Kwasitchewan Falls, Manitoba's highest waterfall which has a naturally occurring year round flow.

"Pisew", is translated from the Cree language meaning Lynx. It was named so because the sound of the hissing water sounds like a Lynx.
Here the Grass River drops 13 m/42.7 ft. and changes direction and jets down through a gorge. A boardwalk leads to observation platforms overlooking Pisew Falls. Another 0.5 km/.3 mi. trail leads to the Rotary Bridge over the Grass River directly below Pisew Falls. The bridge has access to a 22 km hiking trail leading down the river to Kwasitchewan Falls, Manitoba's highest point.
Backcountry campsites at the end of the trail enable one to stay overnight.

Pisew Falls Hiking Trail

The Upper Track Trail
This trail follows the Grass River, the main waterway in the late 1700's fur trade route also known as the Upper Track.
The trail leads down the river to Kwasitchewan Falls. 

NOTE:  This is a difficult backcountry trail ONLY for those who are prepared for a rugged hike or with an experienced guide. Hikers should be in superior physical condition.

NOTE:  Stay on the designated trails, bridge and boardwalks. Do not approach the waterfall. Fatalities have occurred at Pisew Falls.

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